Visual Art in Early Education

“Seeing comes before words,” wrote John Berger, art critic and novelist. A visual is the most powerful tool of communication. A child grows up as a creative and innovative human being when s/he learns through art. This can be drawing, painting, craft, dance, music, theatre or even playing around.

Ultimately, learning becomes a joyful experience that transforms the students to visionaries of tomorrow. We incorporate various types of visual arts right from the early stage to chisel their skills. We also have tailor-made programmes for each age group.

It is scientifically proven that arts help children to appreciate numeracy, develop their motor skills and also build the creative side of the brain.

  • Learning through art is more effective
  • Strengthens cognitive, creative, social and emotional skills
  • Develops motor skills, cognitive and meta cognitive skills
  • Builds the creative side of the brain
  • Strengthens compassion and empathy

The Velammal Group of Institutions launched Chitravathi Centre for Creativity (CCC) with the aim of molding and nurturing the creative talent of children, ensuring their overall development to suit the emerging new world.


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